DEPENDABILITY: November’s Powerful WORD

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It’s November and that means we have a NEW Powerful Word of the Month at Valley Athletics!hortonho

The Powerful Word of the month for November is “dependability.” Dependability is closely linked with being accountable, responsible and trustworthy. It’s a powerful word that asks people to keep their promises, be present for those who rely on them and complete jobs/tasks without needing to be monitored.

This month we will be focussing on a different aspect of dependability each week. In this blog post I am going to share those 4 topics with you so you can get an insider glance into what our coaches talk about with their athletes at each practice.

Week 1 – We will lead a discussion with the athletes about what it means to be dependable. We will talk about how being dependable means “keeping your promises”. That dependable people can be counted on to be present for those who rely on them. That they can work to be more dependable by being someone who their family, their classmates and their teammates know will get the job/task/chores done, without being asked!

Week 2 – We will talk about how being dependable isn’t always easy. That sometimes, doing what they have promised takes sacrifice. We will talk about how completing a chore at home may mean that they are not out playing. That attending your little sister’s/ brother’s birthday party may mean you are not watching the game or attending a camping trip that your friends are all enjoying. And for our athletes here at Panthers, it may mean that attending practice, competitions means missing another event…and how It may not always “feel” easy to be dependable.

Week 3 – This will lead us in to a discussion of priorities/perspective. We will discuss how, although sometimes being dependable means making tough decisions and sacrifice, there is also much to gain by being a dependable person. It feels good to be a person who friends and family members see as responsible. That if feels good to know that your classmates, your teammates and your family think you are dependable and that they know they can rely on you!  We will also discuss how dependable people often gain privileges; as an adult it often means getting higher pay, better jobs & leadership positions. A study that followed people for 55 years, found that those children who were more dependable, lived longer than those who were not dependable (Psychological Science, 2008)! In addition, a growing body of research shows that “soft skills” like being dependable, rival academic or technical skills in predicting employment and earnings, among other outcomes (Kautz et al, 2014).

Week 4 – In our final week, we will focus on mistakes and how we can work to be accountable for them. As parents, we know that children will make mistakes. How they handle these mishaps is important. We will discuss with the athletes how to take the AAA approach. That first they must apologize, second they must admit they make the mistake and thirdly, they must take action to rectify the situation.

We hope that by reading this, you feel more informed about what happens during our ‘mat chats’ in the gym. We encourage you to use these points as jumping off points or conversation starters on the car ride home :)We hope you are able to use this information and adapt/expand on it as it fits your individual family.

Thank you for your support. You are pivotal in helping to make Valley Athletics the best personal development for kids gym in the Hunterdon County, New Jersey.


The NEW Valley Athletics!!

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